sábado, 6 de junio de 2009

Other me

After watching Coraline I feel like I have crossed some kind of thresold to end up in a world where great movies are disguised as kids flicks. Coraline is a GREAT film, but not so much for kids. Half of the infants in the theatre where I was watching it cried during the film. To be honest, I'm more than two decades older and at some moments I was terrified. Also, most of the jokes were way too bold for kids even to understand (those two actress neighbours are saucy).
But alas, I'm not a kid so I loved, loved, loved, loved the movie. It's captivating, fascinating, amazing and a lot more of ings.
The characters are all so delicious, all parents, all the neighbours and Coraline herself, the flawed heroine. And everything is soooo beautiful. Every set, every movement, every colour...
I watched it in 3D (my first film viewed this way) and though I enjoyed it, I really didn't feel it necessary.
Definitely one of the movies that will be remembered ten years from now...

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