domingo, 27 de septiembre de 2009

Thank you, Mr. Tarantino...

...for the pleasure of watching Inglorious Basterds. Thank you Mr. Tarantino for the pleasure of watching Kill Bill vol.1. Thank you Mr. Tarantino for the pleasure of watching Kill Bill vol.2. If any justice exists in this world both Christoph Waltz and Mélanie Laurent will be nominated as supporting actors in the Oscars. If miracles exist in this world, they'll win. Where is Jesus when he's needed?

viernes, 25 de septiembre de 2009

Opening 25th September / Prejudices without Pride

Mourning day!! The September Issue hasn't opened in Zaragoza... I've lost my will to live. Let's hope some of the movies opening today bring it back to me:

1. The Informant!: Great to begin with, I'm really looking forward to see this! Therefore and evidently... Seeing it.

2. Ashes of time: Though reconciled with Willy Wonkar through My blueberry nights, I might be a little sceptic towards this film but considering that my better half suffers of a cronic condition called Wonkarwaiism I'm... Seeing it.

3. Taking Woodstock: Ang Lee. Emile Hirsch. With long hair. Three powerful reasons. Seeing it.

4. El secreto de sus ojos: Possibly Mexican contender for the Oscars. Anyway, there's too much to see this weekend to be bothered by appetisers. Not seeing it.

5. Jennifer's Body: This is quality cinema on the other hand... I love Amanda and with hopes that the film is funnier than scarier I'm... Seeing it.

6. Surrogates: Though the premise might look appealing, it will most likely end up being disappointing. Not seeing it.

7. Oceanworld 3D: This is the documentary that has opened instead The September Issue. Adding insult to the injury Belén Rueda voices a fucking turtle! Not seeing it!

If I wasn't mortally wounded by Anna Wintour's absence, this would be a great weekend...

jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2009

That hurts!

Wait a second!! I thought Aaron's father was that painter that knocked Claire, why does Kate say Jeremy Renner is the father?!? And where is Locke?! And Jacob?!? What? This isn't Lost? Someone else trusts Evangeline Lilly's acting skills?!?!? I'm amazed, but it not being Lost I now understand why it bored me so much!! I felt the movie was pretentious and again quite boring. Everyone knew which characters wouldn't going to be dying, and I know the film is not about that, that it's supposed to be a hard drama about human relations and war and oh my I'm so disgraced, but it doesn't work that way either... A nominee for Best Pic I already dislike! Jai Ho! (pun intended).

Fly me to the moon...

... and let me sing among the stars! I'm not really sure that Sam Bell is in the mood to sing... With that old thing of finding a almost dead version of yourself... So 1995... Moon is great! Sci-fi films are in my personal canon at the same height than action flicks (way down) but this one is (as Davigüi put it) an existential thriller (or drama, I'm unsure now, which of course means I never listen to him...). The thing is I thought he was so right. Anyway, the film is great, and (as can be seen in Charlie's Angels, ehem...) Sam Rockwell is a very talented actor!! He is !! Yay!!

martes, 22 de septiembre de 2009

Butter is the answer

This is the film that disappointed basically everyone. So what? I loved, loved, loved it. Incredibly talented actors, an interesting story (yes, it is!) and lots of food!! What more can you need?!?

I don't care what the calendar says...

...Summer will never end.
How awesome a single movie can be? Well, as much as (500) Days of Summer can. It is P-E-R-F-E-C-T. Completely and absolutely perfect.

sábado, 19 de septiembre de 2009

London and the movies

After our trip to London, I've decided I'm carrying a camera everywhere. That way I'll make pictures of cool movie posters (the cinephilia translates when you travel abroad). We had already seen Los abrazos rotos so we watched (in 3 days) (500) Days of Summer, Julie & Julia (and we made pictures), Moon and The Hurt Locker. We're sick!!

viernes, 18 de septiembre de 2009

Opening 18th September / Prejudices without Pride

I still have to see last weeks opening so I'm glad to say only two (!) films have opened today in Zaragoza.

1. Inglorious Basterds: Frankly I'm not that excited about this film, I'm not sure why. What I'm excited about is it has opened in Original Version!! I love Aragonia!! Seeing it.

2. Flores Negras: The trailer is quite boring... And I'm mad at Spanish Cinema for the Oscar contenders. I liked Coixet's but Almodóvar's is a billion times better! Not seeing it.

Very nice weekend (last one before classes...).

English Dream

I'm back from London and I want to go back already. Best city on the planet. My cinephile adventures were remarkable. More to come.

domingo, 13 de septiembre de 2009

I've seen it all (twice)

The second time I've seen Dancer in the Dark has made it very clear. It is Perfect. A true masterpiece. The performances are so powerful, they hurt physically. Lars Von Trier is probably right when he says he's the best director in the world.

sábado, 12 de septiembre de 2009

I'm not a witch at all!

RedSlippers S.A. flying you to Kansas before RyanAir was even thought of. Just click your heels three times (supposing you've learnt the lesson: DON'T LEAVE HOME (Dido did).

Oh my!

Like Velvet...

I love movies full of beautiful people. And I tend to think they're beautiful only if a) they're beautiful and b) they can act. Sorry, Jessica Alba. And in this movie everyone is so beautiful! And everyone acts so well! And it's interesting to see that the four main actors have been mistreated by the AMPAS...

viernes, 11 de septiembre de 2009

And the longest cast ever award goes to...

... Short Cuts by Robert Altman

A great movie indeed. I'm not familiar with Carver literature but the seamless way in which the stories are connected is just amazing. All the characters are real and complex (the pool guy and Claire the Clown are the first to come to mind, but let's face it, it's all of them), and the actors portraying them do a fantastic job. I love movies like this that allow you to talk about them forever and ever...

My name is John Merrick

I love how not easy this movie is. Probably, some other director would have made it impossible for any person to see it and not cry but Lynch goes deep down in another way. The film is devastating yet it has not a drop of Tv film of the week. The technical aspects are exquisite an all the actors are beyond great (I now officially love Anne Bancroft). By the way, is it just me or Anthony Hopkins and Mikhail Baryshnikov were separated at birth?

Opening 11th September / Prejudices without Pride

This last Wednesday a new movie house opened in Zaragoza, yay! (we have 8, now) with promises of wider variety, let's see:

1. Owl and the Sparrow: It won a lot of festivals and it's one of those elusive films that are not dubbed. Good for Aragonia! Maybe seeing it.

2. District 9: Oh yes! I loved its publicity campaign and seeing it was a revolution in the States I'm curious. Seeing it.

3. El último guión: A documentary about Buñuel ( Aragonese himself). I'm shamed to say I have seen none of his films, so it's probably pointless watching a documentary about them. Not seeing it.

4. Gordos: The second film by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo (who directed Azuloscurocasinegro) looks really good. Seeing it.

5. My bloody Valentine: This looks scary (no, thanks) and not very good (no, thanks). It's interesting to see it opened in 5 out of 8 movie places (!). Not seeing it.

6. Bandslam: Vanessa Hudgens is still alive? I didn't know. In case she's only a zombie who wants to eat brains I'll have to say... Not seeing it.

Interesting weekend (just my luck is the one I'm leaving for London (oh yeah!!)).

jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2009

God, that woman wears a lotta pink!

Luke Wilson is a lucky fella! He's been married with Elle Woods and in a serious relationship with Natalie Cook! And he does a great Sean Connery!

How much does a polar bear weights?

I don't know but it breaks the ice! I spent all the movie dreading that the ice would break. I'm anti-spoiler, so I won't say if it does, but if you don't know, you should go and see Frozen River right now. It sounds terrible, but it really was a gift watching those actors working. I think the combination between drama and thriller really works (the dramiller!).

Finding exits

I think that Labyrinth by Jim Henson is a perfect example of a movie that people in la movida would have loved to see. And I have a weak spot for the eighties, I love their flamboyant and extreme spirit, and I think that can be seen in this movie. Jennifer Connelly is the most beautiful woman (girl, back then) in the world and I might start to love David Bowie (something I'm not sure why I haven't done sooner). Though kids must enjoy it, the movie has a very adult feeling and all the characters are so lovable (I think my favourite was Lupo) that it made me think of Pixar films. All this proves my lack of knowledge of anything that happened before 1999, just like when I saw It's a wonderful life and I kept thinking of the Popular episode where they imitate the movie.

domingo, 6 de septiembre de 2009

viernes, 4 de septiembre de 2009

B at the movies

Happy B'day!!

The Jewish Mulan / Be Gentle

I love all the homoerotic subtext this movie has, but it could have been something more than just subtext. The way the songs are in the movie reminded me of Disney films. So matter of fact, I'm singing what I'm thinking right noooow!!

Now we know...

... how Sex and the City: the Movie would have be if none of the actresses had wanted to do it. Though quite blatant I enjoyed the plagiarism specially because all the actors in general were lively and lovely. Connelly, Aniston, Goodwin, Cooper, even Affleck and Johansson! It was nice to see all those famous actors in a movie that didn't make you think (because if you started thinking you'd see it is sexist and homophobic... but let's not think, if people enjoy Transformers 45 that way, why not these film?).


Noah Baumbach's films are hilarious and yet so sad. I've only seen this one and Margot at the wedding but I enjoyed a lot both of them. I tend to hate Laura Linney and it didn't happen this time, but I hated Jeff Daniels. I guess I gotta hate somebody...

Opening 4th September / Prejudices without Pride

Today is Beyoncé's birthday (more to come) and also my grandma's and the movies opening in Zaragoza today are:

1. He's just not that into you: It actually opened yesterday so I've already seen it (more to come).

2. Agallas: TV actor doing a movie his teenage fans won't dig. So what? Not seeing it.

3. Frozen River: Opening only a year and a month after it opened in the States. And with Oscar nomination. Impressive. Seeing it.

4. Gamer: I remember a time when I respected Gerald Butler but I can't remember why. Not seeing it.

5. Funny People: I haven't seen any of Appatow's films, so it may be time to start. Seeing it.

6. Cliente: French movie about a male prostitute. No thanks. Not seeing it.

Nice weekend but the best is to come...

jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2009

miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2009

Drunkety Drunk

Barry Egan is a great character and Adam Sandler portrays it with a lot of wit and personality not being too obvious or too fireworky. Emily Watson is as lovely as usual. I really enjoyed this Parents and Teachers Association film and it made me want to see again There Will Be Blood (and watch Boogie Nights for the first time).

You can't blame it...

This movie is perfect! I loved it! I have to see every film by Wong Kar Wai again (those I've already seen) because I undervalued them. Rachel Weisz is a force of nature when she acts and everyone is just so good and beautiful and sad... Everything's great. Loved it!!

Not so lucky this time

Scoop is so fun! Probably the best Scarlett performance I've seen, she doesn't look like she's bored to death and it seems that blood runs through her veins! Woody Allen is also hilarious as himself 2.0, and Hugh... well Hugh is just impossible not to look at... (and a great actor as always (he deserved an Oscar for The Fountain but that's another subject)). And in a brief role is Romola Garai!! You gotta respect anyone playing Briony Tallis (and she's the one with that great scene with the French soldier). Anyway, and going back to Scoop, I loved it!