jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2009

Finding exits

I think that Labyrinth by Jim Henson is a perfect example of a movie that people in la movida would have loved to see. And I have a weak spot for the eighties, I love their flamboyant and extreme spirit, and I think that can be seen in this movie. Jennifer Connelly is the most beautiful woman (girl, back then) in the world and I might start to love David Bowie (something I'm not sure why I haven't done sooner). Though kids must enjoy it, the movie has a very adult feeling and all the characters are so lovable (I think my favourite was Lupo) that it made me think of Pixar films. All this proves my lack of knowledge of anything that happened before 1999, just like when I saw It's a wonderful life and I kept thinking of the Popular episode where they imitate the movie.

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