viernes, 25 de septiembre de 2009

Opening 25th September / Prejudices without Pride

Mourning day!! The September Issue hasn't opened in Zaragoza... I've lost my will to live. Let's hope some of the movies opening today bring it back to me:

1. The Informant!: Great to begin with, I'm really looking forward to see this! Therefore and evidently... Seeing it.

2. Ashes of time: Though reconciled with Willy Wonkar through My blueberry nights, I might be a little sceptic towards this film but considering that my better half suffers of a cronic condition called Wonkarwaiism I'm... Seeing it.

3. Taking Woodstock: Ang Lee. Emile Hirsch. With long hair. Three powerful reasons. Seeing it.

4. El secreto de sus ojos: Possibly Mexican contender for the Oscars. Anyway, there's too much to see this weekend to be bothered by appetisers. Not seeing it.

5. Jennifer's Body: This is quality cinema on the other hand... I love Amanda and with hopes that the film is funnier than scarier I'm... Seeing it.

6. Surrogates: Though the premise might look appealing, it will most likely end up being disappointing. Not seeing it.

7. Oceanworld 3D: This is the documentary that has opened instead The September Issue. Adding insult to the injury Belén Rueda voices a fucking turtle! Not seeing it!

If I wasn't mortally wounded by Anna Wintour's absence, this would be a great weekend...

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