viernes, 26 de junio de 2009

Opening 26th June / Prejudices without Pride

The movies opening the last weekend of the first half of the year in Zaragoza are:

1. LOL (Laughing Out Loud): French comedy about technologies isolating us instead of connecting us ( I guess, I really have no idea). Last French comedy I remember didn't really do it for me. Still... Maybe seeing it.

2. St. Trininan's: Rupert Everett dressed as a woman, some Bond girl and Colin Firth... No reasons to love it, no reasons to hate it. Not seeing it.

3. Tetro: Coppola's (the father) latest film. It opened at Cannes and it stars Spanish actresses Maribel Verdú (Jai ho!) and Carmen Maura (yay!). Seeing it.

4. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: Megan Fox's breasts and huge robots fighting each other. For the second time. Not seeing it.

Not a great weekend but I really want to see Tetro so... yay!

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