jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009

WOW (aka Oscars Night)

The Oscars are done and I have more doubts than Sister Aloysius. How many times can you fall in love with Hugh Jackman on the same night? How self-absorbed can I be? Not to brag or anything but I was dedicated the two first awards. I am a Spanish actor and a proud homosexual. After watching The Wrestler I was hoping Marisa would win but Penélope took it home. I'm glad as well. She's great in the role and the speech nearly brought me to tears. Again I nearly cried with Dustin Lance Black's speech. Two awards, potential tears and no tissues... How sweet can Sarah Jessica Parker's voice be? She was beautiful, but she had some kind of tumour in a Broderick-shape. Weird. What was that thing Philip Seymour Hoffman had on his head? Weirder. Why didn't Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman actually kiss? How can you be as cute as Anne playing Nixon? Not even Amy Adams would have topped that sweetness. How incredibly talented is Beyoncé? Why Freida Pinto's dress had that ugly sleeve? Was Jennifer Anniston in a sudden rush when she realized who was sitting front row? Did Angelina inappropriately touched Brad when Jen was looking? Did Jack Black noticed some of this? Did Natalie Portman suffer while presenting? Why every single frame of WALL·E makes me love the world? Why didn't Matilda received his daddy's award? Why did Reese Witherspoon look like she was high? Why were both Penn and Winslet so sober yet deliciously happy when they won? Who will be nominated next year? Is it time to start wondering already? Who will host? Oh my God!!
I have such doubts.

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