jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009

Once in a lifetime

Once in a lifetime. Thot's how often anyone should watch the movie. I absolutely hate to dislike it because my worshipping for Beyoncé goes beyond reason, but I had it bad here. There are times that the script looks like it's spoofing the actual movie. In general it would be good material for a bad TV movie. Most of the performances are horrific (Brody, you should be ashamed) and there is just a lot of nonsense about the characters and the general storyline. Thank God it's not a tough movie to follow because Darnell Martin certainly tries to make it impossible to understand. Although, as I am a very positive person (...) I'll say that Jeffrey Wright is quite right (too much Sex and the City over the years) in his character and my beloved Beyoncé is actually good at times.
The music is of course marvelous but that's just opportunistic (with the exception of Once in a lifetime, of course). So basically this movie is only apt for Beyoncé lovers. So maybe I'll watch it again... fastforwarding the parts where she doesn't appear.

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