viernes, 10 de julio de 2009

Opening 10th July / Prejudices without Pride

The movies opening today in Zaragoza are:

1. Brüno: I haven't seen Borat but I like Sacha Baron Cohen (he's hilarious in Sweeney Todd) so... Seeing it.

2. The Proposal: I'm one of those people (there are a lot!) who hate Sandra Bullock for no reason whatsoever. Not seeing it.

3. Beyond a reasonable doubt: Jesse Matcalfe? Really? Michael Douglas? Seriously? Together? Not seeing it.

4. Paintball: These movies terrify me. It looks both scary and bad. Not seeing it.

5. Un novio para mi mujer: Argentinean comedies freak me out. And the trailer is not funny. Not seeing it.

6. V.O.S.: This looks nice and it's of possible Goya interest. Seeing it.

Not a bad weekend. Not a good one either.

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