viernes, 24 de abril de 2009

Opening 24th April / Prejudices without Pride

Eight (!) films open today in Zaragoza.

1. 25 kilates: A Spanish comedy I had never heard about. Not seeing it.

2. Let the right one in: YES!!! When we thought we had to wait for the DVD... Seeing it.

3. El niño pez: Lesbians not publicited... Ellen should be complaining. Not seeing it.

4. Fuga de cerebros: Brains of the writers have really gone away. One of the jokes in the trailer is about fingers up an ass... Not seeing it.

5. Smother: Diane Keaton in yet another motherly comic role. Ehem... Not seeing it.

6. Ponyo on the cliff: Still debating in my head whether this would be worth it. Probably not seeing it.

7. Rudo y Cursi: Gael García Bernal's beauty can make me watch some things. Not this film. Not seeing it.

8. The International: Clive & Naomi. Thriller. Mixed feelings. Probably seeing it.

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