viernes, 8 de mayo de 2009

Opening 8th May / Prejudices without Pride

Movies opening today in Zaragoza:

1. Genova: Michael Winterbottom's film with Colin Firth and Catherine Keener. I haven't made up my mind on my desires to see it. Probably not seeing it.

2. Hannah Montana: The Movie. With nearly 7000 votes it has an average of 2.7/10 on Imdb. It could have 10/10, I wouldm't be caught dead at a theatre watching it. Not seeing it.

3. Last chance Harvey. I've been wanting to see this ever since I learned it existed. Seeing it.

4. Séraphine. The Slumdog Millionare in France (7 César awards). Not very appealing anyway. Probably not seeing it.

5. Star Trek. Never in my life have I seen anything related to the Star Trek franchise. Will my avoidance continue? Who knows? Probably seeing it.

6. Fly me to the moon. Flies. In the moon. Animated film. And it's not Up. Not seeing it.

A mildly interesting weekend...

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